Yankee Board Meeting

Sunday, November 11, 2012


Attendees: Sam Tarnauskas, Judy Katalina, Mark Archibald, Corrinne

Archibald, Lynn Kerr, Krissy Norrman, Matt Manne

Unknown: Jeffry Powell,

Confirmed No: David Mello

Guests: None

Start time: 8:00 am

End time:


LOCATION: Lincoln Sudbury High School


Approval of August Minutes (online)

Motion to Approve: Mark Archibald

Second: Jeffry Powell

For: Lynn Kerr, Sam Tarnauskas, Mark Archibald, Krissy Norrman, Judy Katalina, Jeffry Powell, Dave Mello, Sam Lampert, David Mello

Against: None

Minutes approved.



  • Treasurer Report – Financials e-mailed out prior to meeting
  • Registrar’s Report – Hurricane caused late paperwork. Otherwise registrations are inline. Too early for numbers
  • NERVA Report – Online Payment for memberships will be available next year. There will be a convenience charge for online payments
  • Ratings Report –
    • Women – Need a couple new lower level raters
    • Men – conflict around instant re-rates and team DQ. Raters to use extreme discretion in DQ-ing a team
  • Social Media – Jeffry Powell to inquire about guidelines for posting to the page. Facebook page for all to post. Krissy suggests keywords for
  • Nerva website for those searching for Yankee
  • Web Editor Report – N/A
  • GRC Report – N/A


Committee’s Report

  • Rick Pierce Committee Update
    • JP – Nominations were good candidates
    • Sound system will be in place
    • Awards ordered
    • Presentation to be done by Judy
    • Winners:
      • Krissy Norrman
      • Dan Green



Online Business (Discussed via Email):

  • Judy discussed with Sam L her ability to serve as Secretary and determined that it would be best if we add a new board member. Sam L will not be around enough to frequent meetings and the technology barriers prevent her to “dial in” effectively.
    • Judy Motions to add Matt Manne (pending his acceptance) to the board as an at large member
      • Mark Seconds
        • In Favor : Sam T, Sam L, Corrinne, Lynn, Jeffry, Krissy
        • Opposed : None
        • Abstain/No Vote : Dave
  • Per Judy, Manne accepts however he’d like not to be Secretary. Judy nominates Corrinne. Krissy states that the Secretary position is up for reelection this year however Corrinne is not.
    • Mark nominates himself as secretary
      • Corrinne seconds
        • In Favor : Judy, Jeffry, Krissy, Sam T, Dave
        • Opposed : None
        • Abstain/No Vote: Sam L


Old Business:

  • Sanction/Punishment Consistency
    • Sam T – setting up doc and will pass along when ready. JP to provide Sam with past data
      • Need sanctions at tournament properly filled out on the sheets, refs and TD’s should monitor this.
      • Sam to present this at next meeting
  • Mobile friendly Yankee.org page updates – Jeffry will talk to Will. Dave will talk to a co-worker that may be able to help.
    • For Next meeting
  • Rick Pierce Award leg work, as RP will be Nov 17
    • Committee formed consisting of Corrinne, Sam T, JP, (Judy) and previous years recipients (Joe Federline and Angela.
      • Collect nominations
      • Post on BAVP
      • Send note on what the award is about.
    • Judy to order awards
  • Nationals Mappings - discussion on who NE teams did- Upper level not as well, Lower levels did fine.
    • Judy – tracked rosters
    • Mark commented that a few teams from other regions had significantly stronger teams that wouldn’t fit in NE mappings.
      • Judy to provide that input to nationals


New Business:

  • Tournament Cancellations
  • Mark – should TD’s be expected to do more to fill tournaments? – Yes, Posting to BAVP, contacting old captains, recruiting new members.
  • Date for Spring Draft – December 5th 7pm at LSHS
  • Tournaments at MGA
    • Deemed a safe environment for tournaments
    • If all courts were used, it would be tight.
  • TD’s not completing all the task necessary in running tournament


For Next Meeting:

  • Holding spots for Grassroots incentive
    • Krissy to put together proposal
  • Sanctioning system for TD’s


Next meeting dates and locations:

  • Next Board Meeting: TBD