Yankee Board Meeting

Wednesday January 9, 2012


Attendees:  Mark Archibald, Corrinne Archibald, Judy Katalina, Sam Tarnauskas, Lynn Kerr, Krissy Norrman, Matt Manne, David Mello

Confirmed No: Jeffry Powell

Guests:  Chet Oberhelman

Start time: 7:00pm

End time:  




Approval of November Minutes (online)

Motion to Approve:  Mark Archibald

Second: Jeffry Powell

For:  Lynn Kerr, Sam Tarnauskas, Mark Archibald, Krissy Norrman, Judy Katalina, Jeffry Powell, Dave Mello, Sam Lampert, David Mello

Against: None

Minutes approved.



·        Treasurer Report – Status Quo

·        Registrar’s Report – 1885 Current Members, 300 more than last year however this includes 100-120 Maine Members that were not counted last year.

·        NERVA Report – PVL Men’s and Women’s Tryouts completed. Men will compete at Junior nationals, Women will compete at Adult Nationals

·        Ratings Report –

o       Women – Status Quo

o       Men – Status Quo

·        Social Media – N/A

·        Web Editor Report – N/A

·        GRC Report – N/A


Committee’s Report


Online Business (Discussed via Email):


o       The following discussion regarding TD levels and penalization will be tabled until further notice pending improvement of TD’s paperwork


§        Judy brought up the possibility of penalizing TD’s who don’t follow rules and regulations.

·        Membership issues

·        Incomplete rosters

§        Mark Proposes a TD “Level” System where repeat offenders would move to lower TD level and have less opportunities to draft.

·        Consensus that the level system is a good idea and should be introduced at the draft.

·        More detailed criteria should be drafted


Old Business:

·        Sanction/Punishment Consistency

·        Sam T – setting up doc and will pass along when ready. JP to provide Sam with past data

o       Need sanctions at tournament properly filled out on the sheets, refs and TD’s should monitor this.

o       Sam to present this at next meeting

·        Google.doc set up and Board members to add known sanctions


·        Mobile friendly Yankee.org page updates – Jeffry will talk to Will. Dave will talk to a co-worker that may be able to help.

o       Dave is still working on this





New Business:

·        National single gender Mappings – discussion on Mannes proposition of new system of mappings congruent with our Yankee system

o       General consensus on the system was good

o       General consensus that the need for this new system is different between genders

o       General consensus that any changes couldn’t be done for this year in single gender tournaments

o       Tabled for next meeting

·        National Coed Mapping – discussion on NE’s competitive level in co-ed tournaments

o       Judy to poll (via BAVP and other social media channels) captains of co-ed national teams to see if we need to open up restrictions on the co-ed level

·        Championship schedule to be rolled out soon

o       R2 and scorekeeper test is good for 2 years so many people will be on that list already from last year.

o       Charge for Champs will be $160 for all levels

o       MVP Balls – Judy will aquire

o       Facilities – Judy will have them next week

o       Prizes – Krissy to hold a design contest for a championship t-shirt.

§        Winner will receive a free membership for next year.

·        Yankee Rules and Policies

o       Board went through line by line to edit rules and policies that are out dated.

o       Updates will be made prior to the next meeting




For Next Meeting:

·        Holding spots for Grassroots incentive

o       Krissy to put together proposal

·        Sanctioning system for TD’s


Next meeting dates and locations:

Next Board Meeting: February 26th 7:00pm at Acalpocos