Yankee Board Meeting

Date : February 26, 2013


Attendees: Mark Archibald, Judy Katalina, Jeffry Powell, Sam Tarnauskas, Krissy Norrman, Matt Manne, Dave Mello, Corrinne Archibald (7:45pm)


Confirmed No: Lynn Kerr

Guests: Dave Peixoto, Will Nikula, Ashley Tarnauskas, Chet Oberhelman (7:30pm)

Scheduled Start: 7:00pm

Actual Start: 7:05pm

End Time: 8:45pm


Location: Acapulcos, Boston Post Road, Sudbury, MA


Approval of January Minutes - via e-mail

Motion to Approve - Mark Archibald

Second - Matt Manne

For - Lynn Kerr, Sam Tarnauskas, Krissy Norrman, Judy Katalina, Jeffry Powell, Dave Mello

Against - None

Abstain/No Vote - Corrinne Archibald



        Treasurer Report - Sam will send financials via e-mail when they are completed

        Registrarís Report - membership up about 250 from this point last year. Very little Maine members account for this change. There are a few more Juniors teams.

        NERVA Report -

        Credit Card Payment for membership is on the way. On June 1st the system will be active for Juniors. The largest liability comes from Juniors that donít complete the payment process. This new method of payment will hopefully alleviate that liability.

        Peixoto met with John Dudley from Newport. Discussed transitioning Newportís insurance from Volleyball America to NERVA. Volleyball America has very little overhead and offers Newport and other organizations several perks for participating. Newport decided to allow their juniors program to convert to NERVA

        Ratings Report

        Womenís - Status Quo

        Menís - Latest List went out last week, otherwise status quo.

        Social Media Report - No report

        Web Editor Report - Rules and Policies updated on the Yankee Website

        GRC Report - Scramble this weekend. Itís not full yet however Krissy anticipates a lot of last minute entries.


Committeeís Report

        No Committees to report


Online Business (discussed via e-mail)


Old Business

        The following discussion regarding TD levels and penalization will be tabled until further notice pending improvement of TDís paperwork - No longer an issue. Remove from agenda until further notice

        Sanction/Punishment Consistency

        Mobile friendly Yankee.org page updates - Dave Mello presented web traffic report rom mobile devices. Will and Dave to experiment with a handful of most frequently accessed pages from mobile device by tweaking the current site to make it more user friendly on mobile devices and tablets.

        National single gender Mappings Ė discussion on Mannes proposition of new system of mappings congruent with our Yankee system

        General consensus on the system was good

        General consensus that the need for this new system is different between genders

        General consensus that any changes couldnít be done for this year in single gender tournaments

        Tabled until after Nationals

        National Coed Mapping Ė discussion on NEís competitive level in co-ed tournaments

        Judy to poll (via BAVP and other social media channels) captains of co-ed national teams to see if we need to open up restrictions on the co-ed level

        Not a lot of feedback from teams.Assuming because of the format change and the recent years issues with co-ed tournaments at nationals, many teams that normally enter will not enter this year.

        Mark says that without some sort of extreme action, co-ed at nationals may go away for good.

        Judy motions to open ratings (no rating restrictions) for both coed tournaments at nationals effective this year.

        Mark seconds

        all in favor: Jeffry, Sam, Krissy, Matt, Dave

        all opposed: none

        Abstain/no vote: Lynn (not present)


New Business

        Holding spots for Grassroots incentive

        Krissy to put together proposal - Table for meeting prior to next draft


        Logo Contest Winner - Robin Murray

        Prizes out to bid - rather than go with same company this year, Yankee would like send out message to membership to bid.

        R2 and SK test necessary? -

        discussion that despite the overall desired effect of the tests not being satisfied, any education is better than none available.

        Mark says requirements for certification should be met all year long rather than just for championships.

        Decided to keep as is for now and evaluate further in the future.

        MVP Balls - Judy

        PVL Update - Womenís team concerned about the communication or lack thereof. Menís need to know their schedule for nationals so they can book flights.

        DQing teams for ratings - See Item A below

        After discussion it was decided that in the event of a Team DQ resulting from an individual re-rate, the rater and TD must discuss the DQ with the team captain.

        The decision to re-rate the player is the soul decision of the rater, however if it results in a team DQ, the TD is to back up the raterís decision.

        If the discussion is prior to playoffs, the TD must (despite the possibility of delaying the beginning of playoffs) give a reasonable amount of time to convey the message to the team captain.

        Mark to send a note out to TDís and raters with details of this discussion

        Modified Reverse Co-ed Rule - See Item B below

        A Yankee member suggested re-evaluation of current RCO rules in regards to gender touching requirements.

        After discussion it was decided that more consideration should be made to the rule that in RCOís more than two touches of the ball prior to going over must include one male.

        Possibility that a new rule includes that in an RCO more than two touches prior to the ball going over must include a touch from both genders OR no restrictions on gender.

        The board will table this for the next meeting


        Committee consists of Jeffry Powell, Sam Tarnauskas, and Glenn Corwin

        Up for election are the President, Secretary, and two At-Large positions (held by Lynn Kerr and Matt Manne)


For Next Meeting

        Elections for President, Secretary, and two At-Large members

        Discuss a new election process to alleviate voting every year on board positions

Next Meeting Date and Location


††††††††††† Annual Yankee Volleyball Association Meeting

Thursday, April 11, 2013 at 7:00pm

Clark University, 333 Turnpike Road, Southborough MA


Monday, May 20, 2013 at 7:00pm

Lincoln Sudbury, 390 Lincoln Road, Sudbury MA














Agenda Item A

As a result of a DQing at a WNA a few weeks back, Judy sent out the following email to TDís:


It is your task to inform a team captain if a rater deems their team ineligible for playoffs.

The rater will let you know as soon as a decision has been made.This is an unpleasant

thing to do but a necessary evil.


Mark respond privately to Judy with the following:


As a TD, I feel partially responsible to be there during the discussion if available (not prepping for playoffs) however, this decision is that of the raters present at the tournament. A TD can pass the message along and enforce it however, ultimately this captain is going to want to talk to the rater. Making this the TD's responsibility is only adding a middle man to the process.


As a rater (and a head rater), I feel it is our decision and our responsibility to explain and back up our decision to those involved. Whereas it may be an uncomfortable situation, I feel that as a rater, I need to be certain of my choice and face the pushback that comes along with it.


As a Board Member, I feel that DQ's are bad for Yankee and we shouldn't make them an easy decision for a rater.


Judyís response:


It is the TD that then deals with the legality of the roster whether it is at the beginning of the tournament or in the middle. The TD is the one that is benefiting from running the tournament and the raters are getting nothing feom being a rater. I feel the TD should bear the brunt of passing the info on to the captain that is at their tournament.



Agenda Item B

Proposal to Modify Reverse Coed Rules in Yankee

In order to increase the popularity of reverse coed, Yankee modified the USAV rules to allow men to attack the ball from behind the 3 meter line. To accomplish this, the modified rule allowing the attack was added to the rules and the normal upward arc rule was eliminated. Normal front row / back row rules were put back into the reverse coed rules to balance out the hitting. This Yankee modification was voluntary and subject to the TD drafting the tournament as "back row allowed".

This modification of the USAV rules has proven to be very popular with the membership.

After several seasons using this modification I have seen some quirks in the existing rules that seem to be more detrimental to female players then they should be.

The normal USAV coed / reverse coed rules make the attempt to balance play between each gender on the respective nets. In coed, women do not have any restrictions on what they can do but they are playing on a net that is 8 inches higher than normal for them. This is a significant handicap for all but the elite athletes, and even for them it significantly alters their game. In reverse coed the male player cannot block or attack the ball from above the height of the woman's net. The only concession to the male player is allowing the ball to have an upward arc at the moment of contact even if the ball is above the height of the net. In order to ensure that the players on their respective net do not gain any advantage, USAV inserted a "gender contact" rule. This means that if there is more than one contact then a "disadvantaged" player (meaning a woman on the men's or a male on the women's net) must make one of the contacts. In coed or reverse coed there can be certain advantages to "playing around" the disadvantaged players on the respective net. The gender contact rule makes a fairly good attempt to prevent this.

One of the drawbacks of the Yankee reverse coed modification that allows men to hit is that it removes most of the "disadvantaged" part for men. While this creates an exciting and popular game, we now have situations where the men can dominate on a woman's net more than they should. Two or three men can make contact and have a strong attack while if two or three women make contact and attack then this becomes a fault under the existing rules. More often than not, the male attack is the stronger of the two and penalizing the "typically" (not always but usually) weaker attack for gender contact fault. Another quirk is that men can attack in all 6 rotations while woman typically can only attack in 3 rotations. While there is no restriction preventing woman from hitting from the back row, in practice the two male players (assuming a male setter) will see sets more than a woman will.

I would like to make one proposal for the Yankee Board to consider for modifying the Reverse Coed rules only.

For any reverse coed or coed/rev coed tournament where male players are allowed to hit from behind the 3 meter line, eliminate the required male contact on the woman's net.

The immediate benefit for this change would be to no longer penalize female players who make great defensive plays and allow the rally to continue instead of whistling the play dead.

Potential drawback to this rule change is only related to a team that may choose to have a female setter instead of the typical male setter. If this were to happen I don't believe that it would work as well as might be expected because the rules about having back row blockers are not changed. Since it is not typically needed, most players are unaware that if a back row player comes up to block, then the other back row player of that gender cannot be in front on the 3 meter line at the moment of a blocking contact. This rule will prevent having 3 woman in the front and 3 men in the back for half the rotations. Considering the limitations, I don't see this unusual style to be any more effective than the normal style.

I would also like to propose an "experimental" rule that might be tried at a reverse coed only event. I am not sure if this will be advantageous or not but it would be interesting to see how the team dynamics change using it. This experimental rule is an attempt to balance out the male/female attack disparity but it may go too far. This is why I am thinking if a TD wanted to run one tournament using it then see what happens. The experimental rule would be to remove the "attack" restriction for the back row female player. Let all female players attack as normal even if they are a back row "blocker".