Annual Yankee Volleyball Association Meeting

Date : April 11, 2013


Attendees: Mark Archibald, Krissy Norrman, Sam Tarnauskas, Corrinne Archibald, Judy Katalina, Dave Mello, Jeffry Powell, Matt Manne, Lynn Kerr

Confirmed No: N/A

Guests: N/A

Scheduled Start: 7:00pm

Actual Start: 7:05pm

End Time: 7:50pm


Location:  Lincoln Sudbury, 390 Lincoln Road, Sudbury MA


Approval of February 26, 2013 Minutes - via email

Motion to Approve -  Mark Archibald

Second - Krissy Norrman

For - Judy Katalina, Sam Tarnauskas, Dave Mello, Jeffry Powell

Against -

Abstain/no Vote - Matt Manne, Corrinne Archibald, Lynn Kerr



        Treasurer Report - Sam will email the financials when he receives them

        Registrar’s Report - Status Quo

        NERVA Report -

        Credit Card Processing for memberships will roll out on June 1st beginning with Juniors

        Rating’s Report

        Women’s -

        Women’s ratings are pretty much wrapped up for the year. Any new ratings will happen after nationals unless obvious or necessary for fair competition for Championships. 

        Men’s -

        Men’s ratings are pretty much wrapped up for the year. Any new ratings will happen after nationals unless obvious or necessary for fair competition for Championships.

        Committee will continue to look for a couple lower level raters and one or two upper level raters.

        Social Media Report - N/A

        Web Editor Report - N/A

        GRC Report - N/A


Committee’s Report

        Election Committee

        As this is the Annual meeting, nominations made for two At Large positions, Presidency, and Secretary.

        Additional nominations can be made outside of the meeting must be made by petition of at least ten Yankee members

        Elections will begin the week of May 6th and end June 8th


Online Business (discussed via e-mail)


        Sam Sent them out via email on February 28th.

        Judy said there were discrepancies and she will check in with Lorene as to what causes the errors

Old Business

        Modified Reverse Co-ed Rule - See Item A below

        A Yankee member suggested re-evaluation of current RCO rules in regards to gender touching requirements.

        After discussion it was decided that more consideration should be made to the rule that in RCO’s more than two touches of the ball prior to going over must include one male.

        Possibility that a new rule includes that in an RCO more than two touches prior to the ball going over must include a touch from both genders OR no restrictions on gender.

        The board will table this for the next meeting

        No Motion on this. Tabling this for a future meeting


New Business

        Holding spots for Grassroots incentive

        Krissy to put together proposal -

        Table for meeting prior to next draft

        R2/SK test clarification

        The link on the site does not work

        Powell to check in with Steve Webster regarding the link

        The issue of having elections each year resulting in unnecessary work and lower participation was discussed

        Katalina motions add a bylaw change on the up and coming ballot to revert back to the previous rule of voting for all board members every other year

        M Archibald seconds

        For - C Archibald, Norrman, Tarnauskas, Mello, Manne, Kerr

        Against - None

        Abstained - None  


        Robin Murray won the design contest for Championship logos

        Donna Blight won the bid to print the shirts

        Yankee Picnic

        Same Caterer Booked

        Jason Alexander to DJ again

        Postcards with election and picnic info being sent out.


For Next Meeting


Next Meeting Date and Location


Monday, May 20, 2013 at 7:00pm

Clark University, 333 Turnpike Road, Southborough MA


Sunday, June 9, 2013 at TBD

Yankee Annual Picnic

99 Park St, Hudson, MA 01749








Agenda Item A

Proposal to Modify Reverse Coed Rules in Yankee


In order to increase the popularity of reverse coed, Yankee modified the USAV rules to allow men to attack the ball from behind the 3 meter line. To accomplish this, the modified rule allowing the attack was added to the rules and the normal upward arc rule was eliminated. Normal front row / back row rules were put back into the reverse coed rules to balance out the hitting. This Yankee modification was voluntary and subject to the TD drafting the tournament as "back row allowed".


This modification of the USAV rules has proven to be very popular with the membership.


After several seasons using this modification I have seen some quirks in the existing rules that seem to be more detrimental to female players then they should be.


The normal USAV coed / reverse coed rules make the attempt to balance play between each gender on the respective nets. In coed, women do not have any restrictions on what they can do but they are playing on a net that is 8 inches higher than normal for them. This is a significant handicap for all but the elite athletes, and even for them it significantly alters their game. In reverse coed the male player cannot block or attack the ball from above the height of the woman's net. The only concession to the male player is allowing the ball to have an upward arc at the moment of contact even if the ball is above the height of the net. In order to ensure that the players on their respective net do not gain any advantage, USAV inserted a "gender contact" rule. This means that if there is more than one contact then a "disadvantaged" player (meaning a woman on the men's or a male on the women's net) must make one of the contacts. In coed or reverse coed there can be certain advantages to "playing around" the disadvantaged players on the respective net. The gender contact rule makes a fairly good attempt to prevent this.


One of the drawbacks of the Yankee reverse coed modification that allows men to hit is that it removes most of the "disadvantaged" part for men. While this creates an exciting and popular game, we now have situations where the men can dominate on a woman's net more than they should. Two or three men can make contact and have a strong attack while if two or three women make contact and attack then this becomes a fault under the existing rules. More often than not, the male attack is the stronger of the two and penalizing the "typically" (not always but usually) weaker attack for gender contact fault. Another quirk is that men can attack in all 6 rotations while woman typically can only attack in 3 rotations. While there is no restriction preventing woman from hitting from the back row, in practice the two male players (assuming a male setter) will see sets more than a woman will.


I would like to make one proposal for the Yankee Board to consider for modifying the Reverse Coed rules only.


For any reverse coed or coed/rev coed tournament where male players are allowed to hit from behind the 3 meter line, eliminate the required male contact on the woman's net.


The immediate benefit for this change would be to no longer penalize female players who make great defensive plays and allow the rally to continue instead of whistling the play dead.


Potential drawback to this rule change is only related to a team that may choose to have a female setter instead of the typical male setter. If this were to happen I don't believe that it would work as well as might be expected because the rules about having back row blockers are not changed. Since it is not typically needed, most players are unaware that if a back row player comes up to block, then the other back row player of that gender cannot be in front on the 3 meter line at the moment of a blocking contact. This rule will prevent having 3 woman in the front and 3 men in the back for half the rotations. Considering the limitations, I don't see this unusual style to be any more effective than the normal style.


I would also like to propose an "experimental" rule that might be tried at a reverse coed only event. I am not sure if this will be advantageous or not but it would be interesting to see how the team dynamics change using it. This experimental rule is an attempt to balance out the male/female attack disparity but it may go too far. This is why I am thinking if a TD wanted to run one tournament using it then see what happens. The experimental rule would be to remove the "attack" restriction for the back row female player. Let all female players attack as normal even if they are a back row "blocker".