Yankee Board Meeting Date : August 21, 2013

Tenative Attendees: Mark Archibald, Judy Katalina, Jeffry Powell, Sam Tarnauskas,

Corrinne Archibald, Dave Mello, Ashley Tarnauskas

Confirmed No: Matt Manne, Krissy Norrman

Guests: None

Scheduled Start: 7:00pm

Actual Start: 7:13pm

End Time: 8:16pm

Location: Lincoln Sudbury High School, 390 Lincoln Road, Sudbury, MA

Approval of May 20, 2013 Minutes ­ via email

Motion to Approve - Judy Katalina

Second - Sam Tarnaukas

For - Corrinne Archibald, Krissy Norrman, Dave Mello, Jeffry Powell, Matt Manne

Against - N/A

Abstain -


        Treasurer Report - Sam will email when he receives the report.

        Registrar’s Report - No members yet. We are going to credit card. Glenn is working with USAV on database.

        NERVA Report - Sticking with the same format for nationals. Women and men PVL at nationals. Looking into ways to grow the referee population.

        Rating’s Report

        Women’s - Judy has the list.

        Men’s - Mark will send Judy the list within the next week.

        Social Media Report - Discussion about web content. Updates coming - cosmetic, functionality. Role of webmaster discussed: what are the specific duties of this position. Judy will contact Will to discuss these duties. Jeffry will create a Facebook page or group for Yankee Volleyball.

        GRC Report - Discussed how to motivate captains to put in teams. How can we help new captains enter teams and find players? Potential opt-in membership database with rating and preferred position. Sam will look into this.

Committee’s Report

        Election Committee

        Summary of Spring Elections Ashley, Judy, Matt Manne and Mark won! Yay!

        Review next Election requirements Next election is in two years.

Text Box: Attachment AOnline Business (discussed via e-mail)

        Use of additional fees when captains use paypal We are not allowed to charge more for paypal but we are allowed to give a discount for cash or check. We do not need to change current practice.

        (see attachment A) - this is an email sent from Sam Tarnauskas on May 22nd as follow-up to last meetings discussion

Old Business

        Holding spots for Grassroots incentive

        Krissy to put together proposal - No new information

n      Table for meeting prior to next draft

        Website overhaul - Dave and Sam - See above

New Business

        Present Budget Judy will have one for the next meeting.

        President appointments completed Appointed positions and stipends:

        web editor-Will

        media coordinator - Jeffry

        tournament coordinator - Mark

        championship coordinator - Chet stepping down. Judy willing take it this year (co-position w/ Mark)

        picnic - We already have the date: June 7th. Co-position? Jeffry will take over, Mark will assist.

        Set Board meetings through December: Tuesday, October 1 @ LS, Thursday, November 14 @TBA, Monday, January 6 @ TBA

        Set Spring Draft date Probably the beginning of December

        New score sheets this year - TDs have them

        Did not get the bid for the qualifier

        Can we get courts for Winterfest? We would like them for Saturday. Judy will contact Dave P. to discuss.

For Next Meeting

        Approve/Present Budget

        Discuss Nationals Mappings

Next Meeting Date and Location - Tuesday October 6 @ LS


All have laws prohibiting a surcharge on credit sales. All allow discounts for cash/check. Only MA specifically states that price differences be clearly marked upfront.

http://www.malegislature.gov/Laws/GeneralLaws/PartI/TitleXX/Chapter140d/Section28a http://www.cga.ct.gov/2011/pub/chap739.htm#Sec42­133ff.htm  http://www.mainelegislature.org/legis/statutes/9­a/title9­Asec8­509.html


Have bills in process for similar laws, but no laws on the books yet.


Live free or DIE!!!!

I'm assuming that this is based on where the TD lives, and not where the facility is. So Mark and Judy could not apply a credit surcharge, but Steve S. could. This opinion is in my completely professional capacity as a non­professional. Dealing with consumer laws, 6 states, point of sale vs. point of delivery, etc. is best left to a lawyer. I suppose we could also make it a Yankee policy that lines up with the type of law most states seem to be moving towards anyways.