Yankee Board Meeting

Date : 11-26-2013


Attendees: Mark Archibald, Judy Katalina, Jeffry Powell, Sam Tarnauskas, Corrinne Archibald, Matt Manne, Krissy Norrman, Ashley Tarnasukas

Confirmed No: Dave Mello

Guests: None

Scheduled Start: 7pm

Actual Start: 7:23 pm

End Time: 8:22 pm


Location:  Clark University 333 Turnpike Road, Southborough MA


Approval of 10-1-2013 Minutes

Motion to Approve - Jeffry Powell

Second - Mark Archibald

For - All

Against - None

Abstain - None



     Treasurer Report - Status Quo

     Registrar’s Report - We are about 200 ahead.

     NERVA Report - We are scheduled at the convention center for March 8th and 9th.  We will be running juniors (boys and girls) as well as adult and PVL tournaments.  We will have 38 courts.  It has not yet been decided which levels Yankee will run.  There will be no other Yankee tournaments that weekend.

     Rating’s Report

     Women’s - No official changes

     Men’s - No official changes

     There continue to be active conversations about both men’s and women’s ratings.  The ratings committee is being careful not to change a player’s rating without having observed that player adequately.

     Social Media Report - The Facebook page has a lot of positive feedback.  What other content could we put up in addition to tournament results and pictures?

     Web Editor Report - Sam will put out a refresher on social media to get bids to update the Yankee website.  So far he has had 3 interested parties contact him.

     GRC Report - There were a lot of new players at scramble, however it did not result in a lot of new membership.   Having the scramble at a different location was helpful.   Based on interest, we will likely have a spring scramble.


Committee’s Report


Online Business (discussed via e-mail)


Old Business


New Business

     Set Meeting Dates Through Summer (See end of minutes)

     Decide on format and schedule for Championships

     We will use the  new ball at champs.

     We will maintain current format.

     Discussion of down ref/scorekeeper tests

     There will be no mandatory down ref/scorekeeper tests, however members are encouraged to educate themselves.

     Discussion of team names

     While team names are up to the judgement of the tournament director, Mark will have a conversation with TDs about the environment and community that Yankee wants to create so that everyone feels included and comfortable at tournaments.

     PVL tryouts started - 50 men, 30ish women

     Discussion of the policy regarding expanding a tournament when other tournaments that weekend are not full.

     Current thought - if a TD wants to expand a tournament, they may do so the Monday before it will run. (Mark will make the final decision on this policy.)


For Next Meeting

     Review Nationals Mappings - Sam will check the website, and contact Will if necessary.


Upcoming Meetings


January 9 @ Acapulco’s 7pm

February 25 @ LS 7pm

April 2 @ Clark University 7pm