Yankee Board Meeting

Date : 1/9/2014


Attendees: Sam Tarnauskas, Matt Manne, Dave Mello, Ashley Tarnauskas, Judy Katalina, Krissy Norrman, Jeffry Powell

Confirmed No: Marck Archibald, Corrinne Archibald

Guests: Michelle Manne, David Divris

Scheduled Start: 7pm

Actual Start: 7:27 pm

End Time: 8:14 pm


Location:  Acapulco’s Sudbury


Approval of 11/26/2013 Minutes

Motion to Approve -  Mark

Second - Corrinne

For - All

Against - None

Abstain - None



     Treasurer Report - Status Quo

     Registrar’s Report - We are still ahead of last year.

     NERVA Report - Nothing new

     Rating’s Report

     Women’s - Helen Taylor will step down from the ratings committee at the end of this season.

     Men’s - No changes

     Social Media Report - Nothing new

     Web Editor Report - Our website needs to be overhauled both visually and functionally.  Dave and Sam will investigate what that will require, including price, and will present findings to be voted on by the board.   Manne will get information from other regions about their sites.  The board will re-visit the role of web-editor and what those responsibilities will be. 

     GRC Report - The next Scramble will be February 9th.


Committee’s Report

     The Rick Pierce went well.  Discussion of the future of the Rick Pierce award tabled for next meeting.


Online Business (discussed via e-mail)

     During tournaments, including friendship tournaments, TD is responsible for disciplinary action regarding work and off teams.


Old Business

     Review/confirm nationals mappings - Sam verified on the website - They are correct


New Business

     Set Yankee picnic committee - Mark (tournament) w/ Krissy (raffle) Date: Saturday June 7th - tabled for next meeting

     Order championship and MVP prizes - We will have the same prizes as last year in different colors - dry fits and sweatshirts - new ball for mvp prize.

     The idea was presented to have a shirt with a Yankee logo available for members to purchase at cost with the idea that members can wear them to nationals as a team to represent NE.  Krissy will investigate and organize.

     There will be no required tests for score-keeper or 2nd referee for champs this year.

     Winterfest - January 17th

     Junior’s Pre-Qualifier will be  March 8-9.  We have some teams registered already and need more teams for the MB- and W A/AA.  We are going to need volunteers to help set up and take down the floor.

     PVL teams want their own names - There was a contest put out to the junior community - The winner will be announced at Winterfest.

     Discussion of non-sanctioned tournaments - tabled until next meeting.


For Next Meeting

     Nationals Packets

     Yankee Picnic details


Next Meeting Date and Location

2/25/2014 Lincoln-Sudbury 7pm