Yankee Board Meeting

Date : 2/25/2014


Attendees: Ashley Tarnauskas, Sam Tarnauskas, Krissy Norrman Matthew Manne, Judy Katalina, Mark Archibald, Corrinne Archibald, Jeffry Powell, Dave Mello

Confirmed No: None

Guests: None

Scheduled Start: 7:00 pm

Actual Start: 7:13 pm

End Time: 7:56 pm


Location:  Lincoln-Sudbury High School


Approval of 1/9/2014 Minutes

Motion to Approve -  Jeffry Powell

Second - Mark Archibald

For - All

Against - None

Abstain - None



     Treasurer Report - Status quo

     Registrar’s Report - Status quo

     NERVA Report - Nothing new

     Rating’s Report

     Women’s - Updates were sent out.

     Men’s - Updated list was sent out.

     Social Media Report - Things are going well.  The photos are popular.

     Web Editor Report - The goal is to have the new website up and running by next fall.  Dave and Sam are still talking to people who have expressed interest in submitting bids and are designing the proposal to include back-end modifications.

     GRC Report - The spring scrambles continue to be successful.


Online Business (discussed via e-mail)

     Discussion of recent tournament sanctions

Old Business

     Discussion of non-sanctioned tournaments - Jeffry will write a blurb to post on the website reminding people that members are not covered by Yankee’s insurance when playing in non-sanctioned tournaments.

New Business

     Nationals packets - Krissy has things under control

     Yankee Picnic details - Krissy will run the raffle.  Sam and Ashley will do tickets.  Mark will run the tournament.  Judy will deal with food etc. 

     Championships - All locations are posted on the website.  Discussion of opening paypal for champs was tabled until next year.  This year will run as normal (checks only).

     Boston Tournament -Will expand next year.  There are close to 300 teams total.  The rules are just like nationals (no chairs, coolers, wrist-bands required etc.) Doug Beal will be coming.  All adult Yankee tournaments will run regular pool play (not match-play).

     Discussion of  more USAV men’s B and BB tournaments for the second half schedule in the future.

     Discussion of men not being allowed to play down more than 2 levels below their rating in RCO tournaments with back row attack below B-.  Discussion tabled for next meeting.

     Discussion of revising the role of web-editor in the context of the new website.  Discussion will continue when we have a better idea of the maintenance requirements and functionality of the new site.

For Next Meeting

     Ratings freeze

Next Meeting Date and Location

4/2 7:30pm Clark University