Yankee Board Meeting

Date : 4/2/14


Attendees: Ashley Tarnauskas, Sam Tarnauskas, Judy Katalina, Krissy Norrman, Dave Mello, Mark Archibald, Jeffry Powell

Confirmed No: Corrinne Archibald, Matt Manne

Guests: None

Scheduled Start: 7:30pm

Actual Start: 7:31 pm

End Time: 8:18pm


Location: Clark University


Approval of 2/25/2014 Minutes

Motion to Approve - Mark Archibald

Second - Judy Katalina

For - All

Against - None

Abstain - None



     Treasurer Report - Pre-qualifier information not included in current statement

     Registrarís Report - status quo

     NERVA Report - Pre-qualifier went really well.Expanding to 60 courts next year.Opening to more juniors and adults.More courts for premier (higher level) teams.Suggestion for next year: more signage to point towards Yankee booth and posted rules for coed.More volunteers needed, especially to get the tournament started.National meetings will be the week before Nationals.Judy met with Doug Beale.He is very impressed with how Yankee is run.We have about 30 nationals teams across all divisions right now.55 is our average.

     Ratingís Report

     Womenís - Nothing new

     Menís - Email update just went out.

     Social Media Report - Nothing new

     Web Editor Report - Sam is in communication with 2 people for bids.Will schedule a time to meet hopefully next week.

     GRC Report - Jeffry will contact people from the menís scramble to see if he can get some more teams for the Menís C- champs.


Online Business (discussed via e-mail)


Old Business

     Discussion of the possible rule that men cannot play down more than 2 levels in a coed B- or lower when back-row attack is allowed - Judy has talked to people about it and they like the idea.Mark will throw the idea out to the BAVP to get feedback.Tabled until next meeting

New Business

     Ratings freeze - no official ratings freeze - posted policy: Sam and Mark will come up with a policy for the board to tweak

     Champs and champs formats - Mark will assign start times and send out schedules.10-team tournaments will be pool-play, other formats will depend on # of teams

     Discussion of nationals roster approval process - no changes to current practice


For Next Meeting

     Draft date for next fall

     Discuss pay increase, ref, stipends etc.


Next Meeting Date and Location

7:30 pm Lincoln-Sudbury HS Monday, May 12