Yankee Board Meeting

Date : 5/12/14


Attendees: Mark Archibald, Jeffry Powell, Ashley Tarnauskas, Krissy Norrman, Judy Katalina,  Corrinne Archibald, Dave Mello, Sam Tarnauskas

Confirmed No: Matt Manne

Guests: Pat Arzillo, Jeff Green, Terry Cuhna

Scheduled Start: 7:30pm

Actual Start: 7:36 pm

End Time: 8:45 pm


Location: Lincoln-Sudbury High School


Approval of 4/2/2014 Minutes

Motion to Approve - Sam Tarnauskas

Second - Krissy Norrman

For - All

Against - None

Abstain - None



     Treasurer Report - Sam will report as soon as he receives the information.

     Registrar’s Report -  At the beginning of April we were about 150 ahead of last year.  Now we are about even.

     NERVA Report - National meetings start next weekend.  New England will be well represented.  Sitting volleyball contacted us to try to set something up in NE.  There has been a great response from the membership with people wanting to be involved.    We will be working with Spaulding Rehab.  Judy will report back after Nationals.  We have 40 teams going to Nationals this year.  (Down 10+ from previous years.)

     Rating’s Report

     Women’s - Status quo: summer list will go out after nationals

     Men’s - List coming out after champs

     Social Media Report - Status quo (people still love pictures)

     Web Editor Report - Sam and Dave met with Jeff and Terry to discuss the details and vision for the website.  The current goal is to give the site a facelift and make it more user-friendly with current content as well as add additional functionality like player profiles, improved tournament registration, improved tournament reports, and file posting (minutes, ratings list, etc.).  Proposed dates for roll-out: August 1st for QA to board and then September 1st go live.  Jeff and Terry will come up with a final proposal soon for the board to vote on.

     GRC Report - Still 2 scrambles, but have them closer together (possibly early November and one in late January.)


Online Business (discussed via e-mail)

     Finalize Yankee policy on non-sanctioned tournaments - blurb to be posted on the website

Old Business

     Coed rule change

     Motion: Judy - Men can only be rated +2 at c+ and below RCO/CR tournaments

     Second: Krissy

     In favor: Jeffry, Ashley, Corrinne, Judy, Krissy

     Opposed: Sam

     Abstain: Mark

     Finalize picnic organization details

     Champs update - Things are going well.

New Business

     Draft date for next fall - August 27th (Wednesday) @ LS

     Discuss having paid R2 at regional champs next year - tabled

     Is PVL hurting upper level tournament participation? - Judy will bring up concerns of the board and ask about how PVL is affecting other regions

     Holding spots for GR incentive

     Krissy to put together proposal - tabled until after website revamp


For Next Meeting

     Set meeting dates through December

     Present budget

     Discussion of stipend/pay increase


Next Meeting Date and Location - To be decided in August