Yankee Board Meeting

Date : 12/2/2014


Attendees: Jeffry Powell, Judy Katalina, Sam Tarnauskas, Ashley Tarnauskas, Matt Manne, Mark Archibald, Krissy Norrman

Confirmed No: Dave Mello, Corrinne Archibald

Guests: Dave Peixoto

Scheduled Start: 7:00 pm

Actual Start: 7:04 pm 

End Time: 8:15 pm


Location: Clark University


Approval of 10/20/2014 Minutes

Motion to Approve - Mark

Second - Ashley

For - All (except Sam)

Against - None

Abstain - Sam



●      Treasurer Report – Still waiting

●      Registrar’s Report –  We are 100 members ahead.  juniors are 1000 members ahead.

●      NERVA Report – PreQ will move to the other side of the building to accommodate more teams - 200 jr. teams.  The Synergy 21 group is working with the sponsorship with Gatorade and Sports Worldwide. We will also a Memorial Day tournament for juniors.

●      Rating’s Report

○      Women’s – Nothing new

○      Men’s – 3 raters added, one has stepped down.

●      Social Media Report – People like pictures.

●      Web Editor Report – Sam has been having weekly meetings with Jeff and Terry.  They should have something up for the board to test by Friday. December 19th is a potential “go live” date.

●      GRC Report – The men’s scramble was full w/ a wait-list.  There are roughly 30 new men and 5 or 6 new women as members. There will be another scramble on the schedule for early February or late January.


Committee’s Report

●      Rick Pierce - Will take nominations and award as fitting - Nominations close April 15.


Online Business (discussed via e-mail)

Old Business

●      None

New Business


For Next Meeting

Next Meeting Date and Location:

   Xmas meeting - Acapulco’s - 1/12 7pm (Monday)