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HEAR YE! HEAR YE!! Or should I say, "Hear We! Hear We!?" Cuz, the Yankee Board prides itself on listening to its members, and we're giving you a new, easy way to talk to us! There are two new addresses you should add to your email address book...check it out!!
rant@yankee.org is the new address we've set up for you to tell us your problems, concerns, issues, etc. Do you think there are things we could do to improve Yankee? Are there are rules, policies, changes we've made that you don't like? Did someone do something at a tournament that set you off (be it a player, a TD, a ref, whatever) This is the place to let us know!
rave@yankee.org is the new address we've set up for you to tell us all you LOVE about Yankee. Think there's someone doing a great job? Are you happy about something we've done or changed? Let us know here...it's always nice to hear the good, along with the bad. PLUS, we'll know you think we're heading in the right direction.
Both of these addresses are an informal place to send feedback directly to the board. Someone will be monitoring them, and where appropriate and as time permits, taking action or responding directly to you.
So...like this idea? Pop us a note at rave@yankee.org!!!