Your account will be imported automatically

If you have registered and paid through USAV, then your account will be imported into Yankee within 48 hours. However you will need to set up a password for Yankee so you can have full access to all tournaments, a user dashboard, register teams, and much more!

Fill out your USAV member ID to the left, and we will send a link to that email account to verify this is your account. Once you receive that email you will be able to click a link with instructions on how to set up your password. You will only need to do this for the very first time logging into Yankee. Once logged in, you can change your username to something you can remember easily.

You can find your member ID in your profile in the Membership List on this site. Or, to get your Member ID from USA Volleyball, log into USAV site and click on "Member Profile" on the left. Your Member ID: will be in the blue bar next to your name. (should be digits only)