Membership Application

NERVA New England Region Volleyball Association

2019-2020 Membership Application

  Last updated: 08/20/2019.
The preferred method to sign up for NERVA/Yankee is online through USA Volleyball
NEW: USAV memberships may now be paid for online with a credit card when joining--if you do this you do NOT need to send in any paperwork to the registrar.
One day memberships and membership upgrades must still be paid by check or cash at or before a tournament. Do not forget to bring your signed waiver with you to your first tournament (or mail it to the registrar as described below).
Please follow these instructions for signing up. If you cannot sign up online, you may print the form at the bottom of this page--if you pay with a credit card you do not need to print and sign any paperwork.  If you join late in the week (e.g. the night before a tournament or the morning of a tournament) you may need to show the e-mail confirmation to the tournament director to prove your membership has been renewed.  
  1. If you were a member in New England last year, your info may be on the system. To check, log in to:

    Ask for a login id; if you are in the system, it will send you an e-mail with a login id and password. Log in, click "Renew Online" (on the left), and go to 3.

  2. If you are not in the system, go to the web address below:

    Membership Information page will come up.

  3. Fill out all fields marked with an * (required fields), and others you want.
  4. Enter your current Yankee rating (if you have one).
  5. The next page will be the membership Option page.

    Choose UNDECIDED for club affiliation.

    For Membersip Type, choose Adult - Yankee for a full-year membership. If you are planning to join as a one-day member, DO NOT sign up online; use the paper membership form (see below) and join at the tournament.

    Select "Roles": player, coach, team rep, ... Choose all that apply. Suggestion: Select adult roles only, unless you are only going to be a junior coach! Junior roles may require a background screening authorization and FEE. You can do this at a later time.

    Referees: If you expect to referee at Junior's Tournaments, you MUST select the "I am interested in officiating at Junior's Tournaments, (either as a scorekeeper or referee)." checkbox. This means you must fill out the background screening and pay the $15 fee (background screenings are valid for two years). Only referees that have the background screening done will be allowed to officiate at Juniors Tournaments.

    If any of the roles you selected require background screening, fill out the information on the next page.

  6. The next page is a summary to check if the information is correct. If something needs to be corrected, use the back button in the browser.
  7. At the bottom of the page, there are 3 boxes to check. You need to look at the waiver and code of conduct. OPEN AND PRINT THE WAIVER. The "USAV Waiver and Release of Liability" will be THE ONLY PAPERWORK you send in with your payment. Then, submit the application (Note you do not send in any paperwork if you join and pay online).
  8. The next page will state "Your Membership APPLICATION has been successfully submitted".

    If you followed directions, you have the printed waiver. Sign the waiver, date it, and PUT YOUR PLAYER RATING (D, C-, C, C+, B-, B, B+, A-, A, A+) NEXT TO YOUR NAME on the Waiver signature line. NOTE: For memberships sent by mail: New unrated members will be rerateable until seen by a rater.

  9. Send the signed waiver form along with your registration fee (including background screening fee, if applicable) to:

    Judy Katalina, 17 Hickory Ln., Framingham, MA 01701

    Or bring it to a Yankee tournament with your registration fee. If you do not bring the signed waiver form, you will be charged the full membership fee.

  10. You will receive, via email, an "Application Confirmation".

    Once the Region office receives your signed waiver form and the membership fee, the Region registrar will mark you paid, and you will receive another "Membership Confirmation" e-mail that includes your membership number.

  11. To update any of your personal information later, login at:

    Then click on "My Information" and update your information. Change login, password, print a membership card.

That's it!



NOTE: If you register and pay online, you DO NOT need to fill out the paper form below; you have already paid and electronically signed the waiver and code of conduct.
Follow these instructions to print out a membership application for NERVA for the 2018-2019 season. Please use this for only if you are unable to sign up online (see instructions above).
This form covers NERVA and Yankee only.
  1. Download the Acrobat file http://
  2. Open it with the Acrobat Reader from Adobe.
  3. Print it to your printer. Note: there are two pages.
  4. Be sure that all information is filled in.
  5. Read it!
  6. Sign it  - front and back!
  7. Send it to the address at the bottom of the first page. Be sure to enclose a check payable to NERVA for the proper amount!