03/24/2018 Focus wins RCOB- at Hanover

Pool A
Focus 1st  5-3
Unnecessary Jump sets 2nd (after 3 way tie for 2nd)  4-4
Suds and Pups 3rd (after beating NVC in play-in but losing to Jump Sets)  4-4
NVC AARP 4th  4-4
Nervous Damaged Goods 5th  3-5

Pool B
Spikalogical Warfare 1st 7-1
Duke Blue 2nd 5-3
Spring Fever 3rd   4-4
Beta Blockers 4th  3-5
Matt's Hair 5th  1-7



Focus Def Duke Blue 25-22,

Unnecessary Jump sets def Spikalogical Warfare 25-22


Finals: Focus def Unnecessary 25-21, 25-17


Prizes: Yankee hoodies

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