1/12/2020 Spiked Punch defeats Pikachu to win RCOC+ at Brandeis

Pool A
Pikachu 6-2
S*M*A*S*H 4-4
TBD Team 4-4
White Claw 3-5
Juice of the Sexy Elbows 3-5

Play in for 2nd
S*M*A*S*H defeated TBD Team 15-8

Pool B
Bang Bros 5-3
Spiked Punch 5-3
Little Giants 4-4
What? 4-4
Karate Chop Carrot Top 2-6

Pool C
Happy Birthday Shayne! 6-2
Shenanigans 5-3
Hand Hugs 5-3
Tequila Gurls 3-5
FSH 1-7

Play in for 2nd
Shenanigans defeated Hand Hugs 15-10

Spiked Punch defeated S*M*A*S*H 26-24
Bang Bros defeated Shenanigans 25-22



Spiked Punch defeated Happy Birthday Shayne! 25-18
Pikachu defeated Bang Bros 25-17


Finals: Spiked Punch defeated Pikachu 25-21

Prizes: BSSC Beanie Hats and Harpoon VB Series pints

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