1/21/2018 Shayne Saw Massacre defeats Dee’s Balls Ain’t Free to win RCOC+ in Nashua

January 22, 2018

This one's for Julio.

If you can't beat 'em, hire them.

For the 2nd week in a row Caesar Rizk used his seemingly invincible strategy of putting in a check for a tournament then having surgery and hiring volleyball mercenaries to win the tournament for him (while he stays home and watches football).  Last week it was Fanny Chan that he contracted to bring him a victory--this week he brought in an even more dominating Shayne Saw Massacre team led by Shayne Desatnick--a team that went undefeated all day.

Note:  100% of teams renamed without captain permission by the Nashua tournament director have won the tournaments at Nashua Sports Academy.  If you would like to gain the advantage of having your team renamed by Jeffry just let him know.


Pool Play:

Pool a:

1. Shayne Saw Massacre 8-0

2. Dee's Balls Ain't Free 5-3

3. Marvel 4-4

4. Veteris 2-6

5. What are we?  Some kind of Volleyball Team who picked a name that was just way too long? 1-7


Pool B:

1. Can You Dig It? 5-3

2. Volleyball is my DNA 5-3 (1-1, -5 vs. 1st)

3. Gobblers 4-4

4. Rogue Roosters 4-4 (1-1, -8 vs. 3rd)

5. Swings Both Ways 2-6


Dee's Balls Ain't Free d. Can You Dig It? 25-20

Shayne Saw Massacre d. Volleyball is my DNA 25-20

Finals: Shayne Saw Massacre d. Dee's Balls 25-16


Prizes: Cash for 1st and 2nd

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