1/28/2018 Awkward High Fives wins out over MIT in WC+ at NSA

What an incredibly evenly matched tourney!

Going into Round 9 of pool play it was possible that all 5 teams would end up at 4-4, forcing some math and playins....luckily for the TD this did not happen.  Awkward High Fives, who started with only 5 players in round 1(today's lesson, don't lock yourself out of your apartment while packing your stuff up for a tournament), ended up avenging their first round crushing 25-12, 25-17 defeat by MIT by overcome them in the finals in a close 3 set match.  Somehow the combined strength of Boom! and Tensegrity, the winners of multiple WC+ tourneys this year and last just didn't work out for them.

Pool play:

1. MIT 6-2

2. Awkward High Fives 5-3

3. Shenanigans 4-4

4. Dirty Half Dozen 3-5

5. Boom-segrity! 2-6

Semifinals  Awkward High Fives d. Shenanigans 25-9

Finals Awkward High Fives d. MIT 25-15, 20-25, 15-11


Prizes: cash for first

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