It's never too late to plan early! 2018 USA Volleyball Open Nationals will be in Dallas Texas and just announced the 2019 Open Nationals will be held in Columbus Ohio.

1/6/18- Stars align as Rachel Gerber’s Shenanigan team wins on her birthday

January 08, 2018

Pool A- Fanny's Pack 7-1, Dufault by Default 5-3, Ball Busters 4-4, Team has no Name 2-6, Mass Destruction 2-6

Pool B - Shenanigans 7-1, Swings both ways 6-2, Wilfork on 1st date 4-4, Tsunami 3-5, Fireball 0-8

Semifinals- Shenanigans defeated Dufault by Default 25-13; Fanny's Pack defeated Swings both Ways 25-23

Finals- Shenanigans defeated Fanny's Pack 21-25, 30-28, 15-7

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