10/10/21 RCO C Champs: Silver Snakes def. Seechoon

Pool 1:
1st--The Incredibles (6-2);
2nd--Project Mayhem (4-4);
3rd--Kangaroos (3-5);
4th--Hot Mess Express (2-6);
DQ--TBA (5-3)

Pool 2:
1st--Is it time for indoor? (5-3);
2nd--Get Schwifty (5-3);
3rd--Joey and the Girthys (5-3);
4th--Prestige Worldwide (3-5);
DQ--Donut Daddy (2-6)

Pool 3:
1st--Seechoon (6-2);
2nd--Silver Snakes (5-3);
3rd--Bingpot (3-5);
4th--Chicken Butt (1-7);
DQ--Scared Hitless (5-3)

Gold Bracket Quarterfinals:
Project Mayhem def. Is it time for indoor (15-13)
Silver Snakes def. Get Schwifty (17-15)

Semi Finals

Gold Bracket:
Seechoon def. Project Mayhem (15-6)
Silver Snakes def. The Incredibles (15-7)

Silver Bracket:
Joey and the Girthys def. Kangaroos (25-17)
Prestige Worldwide def. Bingpot 25-13)


Gold: Silver Snakes def. Seechoon (26-24)
Silver: Joey and the Girthys def. Prestige Worldwide (25-11)

Cash back for gold champion

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