11/13/2022 Yankee RCO B- Champions - I’m Not the Captain

November 14, 2022

11/13/2022 Yankee RCO B- Champions - I'm Not the Captain

Finals: I'm Not the Captain defeated Gunga Galunga

Semis A: I'm Not the Captain defeated Matt Attack

Semis B: Gunga Galunga defeated Silent But Deadly

Pool 1:

6-2 I'm Not the Captain

6-2 Gunga Galunga

3-5 Valhalla

3-5 Pikachu

2-6 What is Yankee

Pool 2:

7-1 Silent But Deadly

5-3 Matt Attack

4-4 Incredibles

3-5 BDE

1-7 Yum Yum Sauce

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