11/16/19 EZ Pass wins RCOC- at Teamworks

November 19, 2019

Pool play:

Pool Away:
Unicorn P00P 6-0;

Scott's Tots 4-2;

Shameless 1-5;

Funky Bunch 1-5

Pool Home:
In Tina's Memory 5-1;

EZ Pass 4-2;

Dumpster Fire 3-3;

Oldies and Goodies 0-6



EZ Pass defeats Dumpster Fire 1 game to none 25-20
Unicorn P00P defeats In Tina's Memory 1 game to none 25-13


EZ Pass defeats Unicorn P00P 1 game to none 25-19

Prizes: First place given Teamworks champions shrts and $50 in gift cards to the Sports View Bar and Grille; Second received Finalists shirts and $50 gift card to Sports view bar and grille; 3rd and 4th received $25 each team to sports view bar and grille

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