11/17/2019 RCO B- Champions - Let’s Play 9man

11/17/2019 RCO B- Champions - Let's Play 9man

Finals: Let's Play 9man defeated 2 Touches No Ace

Semis A: 2 Touches No Ace defeated Thumbs Up

Semis B: Let's Play 9man defeated Ridiculous Jugglers

Quarters A: Thumbs Up defeated Barely Breathing But Can We Have Another

Quarters B: Ridiculous Jugglers defeated Just Touch It

Pool A:

6-2 2 Touches No Ace

5-3 Just Touch It

5-3 Barely Breathing But Can We Have Another

3-5 Dee's Balls Ain't Free

1-7 The Wiggles

Pool B:

5-3 Let's Play 9man

5-3 Thumbs Up

4-4 Ridiculous Jugglers

4-4 We're Really Hungover

2-6 Peluche

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