11/25/2018 Jake Smells wins MC with 2 men on the roster!

Pool play:


Pool A:

TBA 7-1

Cereal Killers 5-3 (won playin 15-8)

K-Phu Bad 5-3

Too Fat from Turkey 2-6

G.L.O.V.E.M. 1-7


Pool B:

Super Hero Stan Lee 6-2

Jake Smells 5-3 (won playin 15-13)

Flying Porcupines 5-3

Nothing to Lose 3-5

Gobble Gobble 1-7


Jake Smells d. TBA 29-27

Super Hero Stan Lee d. Cereal Killers 25-22


Finals:  Jake Smells d. Super Hero Stan Lee 25-20, 25-20

Prizes: BSSC dry-fit T-shirts

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