11/6/2021 CRC+ @TWK CHAMPIONS - Leedle Leedle

Pool Play:


Pool 1
Esker Sand Monsters 1-7
Dirty Thirty-2 6-2
Ball If I Want To 3-5
Last Minute 5-3
Sets for Days 5-3

Pool 2
New Hands Who Dis 5-3
Spike Dat 1-7
Team $hit$how 5-3
Let's Go Brandon 2-6
Leedle Leedle 7-1

Quarter Finals
Last Minute defeats Team $hit$how 21-13
New Hands Who Dis defeats Sets for Days 23-21

Dirty Thirty-2 defeats Last Minute 25-20
Leedle Leedle defetas New Hands Who Dis 25-21

Leedle Leedle defeats Dirty Thirty-2 25-23

1st - T shirts and gift cards
2nd - gift card


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