12/17/21 B’s are Garbage wins Friday night RCOC+ 4’s at Aces Wild

Pool A

1.  B’s Are Garbage 5-1

2. Titty Tassel Tornadoes 3-3 (1-1 +4 vs. 3rd)

3. Two Syds 3-3

4. Double Shot 1-5


Pool B

1. The goodest soup 6-0

2. All the Hard Ways 4-2

3. Bruh Nhu’s Setting 1-5 (1-1 +1 vs. 4th)

4. Checkmeowt 1-5


Gold Bracket:


Titty Tassel Tornadoes d. The goodest Soup

B’s are Garbage d. All the Hard Ways


Finals: B’s are Garbage d. Titty Tassel Tornadoes 25-18


Silver Bracket:

Two Syds d. Checkmeowt

Bruh Nhu’s Setting d. Double Shot


Finals: Two Syds d. Bruh Nhu’s Setting 25-20

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