12/5/2021 MEN’S B- CHAMPIONS - Vast Cabbage

Pool Results

Pool 1:
1st         Vast Cabbage (6-2)
2nd         Double for Dayz (5-3)
3rd        Umami Boys (4-4)
4th        Wu Who!!! (4-4)
5th         Tool and the Gang (0-8)

Pool 2:
1st        Buckets
2nd        Pawns (4-4)
3rd        Sloppy Setz
4th        #2, Large with Jalapenos and a Diet Coke (4-4)
5th        MaineStream (2-6)

Pool 2 Play-in Tie Breaker (Set to 15)
3 Way Tie with Second Place Teams Ranked as Followed: 
Pawns, #2 Large with Jalapenos with a Diet Coke, and Sloppy Sets

Sloppy Setz beat #2 Large… 15-12
Pawns beat Sloppy Setz (16-14) to advance to Semifinals

Vast Cabbage beat Pawns in two sets 25-18, 25-13
Buckets defeat Double for Days in three sets 21-25, 26-24, 15-13

Vast Cabbage defeats Buckets in three sets 20-25, 25-20, 15-12

Venmo Prize of $165

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