12/7/19 Chewblocka wins RCOC+ at Teamworks

Away Pool:
Bananas 6-2 (1 seed)
Cool Potato 4-4 (tied for 2nd)
It’s a Set Up 4-4 (tied for 2nd)
Hi 3-5 (5th in pool)
AAA 3-5 (4th in pool)

Home Pool:
Papichulo Pizza 7-1 (1 seed)
Chewblocka 5-3 (2 seed)
Rebel Scum 4-4 (3rd in pool)
Save the Bees 3-5 (4th in pool)
Power Rangers 1-7 (5th in pool)

Cool Potato defeats It’s a Set Up in play-in 15-13


Papichulo Pizza defeats Cool Potato 25-19
Chewblocka defeats Bananas 25-20

Finals: Chewblocka defeats Papichulo Pizza 26-24

Prizes: Both teams received $50 in gift cards to Sportsview Bar and Grill and tshirts

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