2/22/19 Self Service wins 16-team RCOC+ 4’s at BCEC Friday night

Pool A:

1. Jim Gaffigan 4-2

2. Fantastic Four 3-3

3. Ballz 3-3

4. Total Eclipse of the Fart 2-4


Pool B:

1. Serve and Turf 5-1

2. Glory Days 4-2

3. #Donkeys 2-4

4. Awesome Foursome 1-5


Pool C:

1. Self Service 5-1

2. Kangaroos 4-2

3. Pup N Suds 2-4

4. FUN TEAM 1-5


Pool D:

1. Brendan’s Tall 5-1

2. Cabo Wabo 3-3

3. Thunder Chickens 3-3

4. Party Train 1-5


Gold Bracket


Self Service d. Jim Gaffigan

Brendan’s Tall d. Serve and Turf


Finals: Self Service d. Brendan’s Tall


Silver Bracket:


Fantastic Four d. Kangaroos

Cabo Wabo d. Glory Days


Finals: Cabo Wabo d. Fantastic Four


Bronze Bracket


Thunder Chickens d. Pup N Suds

#Donkeys d. Ballz


Finals: Thunder Chickens d. #Donkeys


Paperclip Bracket


Total Eclipse of the Fart d. Party Train

Awesome Foursome d. FUN TEAM


Finals: Awesome Foursome d. Total Eclipse of the Fart

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