2/25/22 Unicorn Fartz wins Friday night RCOC+ 4’s at BCEC

Gold playoffs:

UNH d. Pikachu

Unicorn Fartz d. Incredibles

Finals: Unicorn Fartz d. UNH 15-13


Silver playoffs

Big Dig Lovers d. Nom noms

Mari’s tribe d. Strong and Pretty

Finals: Mari’s Tribe d. Big Dig Lovers 15-9


Bronze playoffs

Syke d. Back and Wrist Pain

Dale d. #Kangaroo 

Finals: Syke d. Dale 15-13


Copper playoffs

Quad Squad d. Sports

Tasca/Rueger d. Summer Redemption

Finals: Quad Squad d. Tasca/Rueger


Paperclip playoffs

Two Syds d. Lupia


Finals: Two Syds d. 4LOKO

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