3/18/2018 March Madness defeats Madness of March in RCOC+ at SFH

The tournament director has permanently banned 3 teams from her gym for having names that are too similar and all making playoffs.  Sorry for them, they seemed nice.

Pool play:

Nerd Herd 6-2
March Madness 4-4
Protectors of the Court 4-4
Viet Special 3-5
Something Creative 3-5

Marching to Madness 6-2
Madness of March 5-3
Project Mayhem 4-4
Guasacaca 3-5
HDGC 2-6



Madness of March def Nerd Herd
March Madness def Marching to Madness



March Madness def Madness of March


Prizes: Cash

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