5/19/2018 It’s In I Swear wins CRC- champs over Bump Set Spike Back

May 21, 2018

Pool play:

Spikaholics 8-0
Fun Team 5-3
Shanked Pass May Day 4-4
Booty 3-5
Hot Tamales 0-8

It's In, I Swear 8-0
Bump Set Spike Back 6-2
Wild Wings 4-4
StingRay 2-6
Setting Ducks 0-8


Bump Set Spike Back def Spikaholics
It's In I swear def Fun Team

Finals: It's in I Swear def Bump Set Spike

Yankee Champ long and short sleeve tees for 1st and 2nd

MVP Mo Gardner and Mark Norrman

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