9/18/2022 Yankee RCO C Champions - Seechoon

9/18/2022 RCO C Champions - Seechoon

Finals: Seechoon defeated It's Corn

Semis A: It is Corn defeated TBD4Now

Semis B: Seechoon defeated Pikachu

Quarters A: It's Corn defeated Another One Bites the Rust

Quarters B: TBD4Now defeated Digging Dem Cheeks

Quarters C: Pikachu defeated Lance Tempo

Quarters D: Seechoon defeated Chet Roi

Pool 1:

5-1 It's Corn

5-1 Lance Tempo

1-5 Chet Roi

1-5 Digging Dem Cheeks

Pool 2:

4-2 Seechoon

4-2 TBD

3-3 Pikachu

1-5 Another One Bites the Rust

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