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Always Up beats on Cabo Wabo in the RCO C+ Superbowl Classic

February 04, 2018

Always up proved just that as they rolled through playoffs undefeated in this Superbowl Classic Accelerrated Friendship RCO C+.  They beat Don Reedy and his gang named Cabo Wabo  25-20.  Cabo Wabo was favored to win by 4.5 points, it was a shoe in......but that's why we play the game, right?  Any given Sunday. Always Up took advantage of their underdog status and was relentless against the 5 time RCO C+ Champ.  It was rumored that the folks from Always Up went home after the tournament to learn thier fans set cars on fire and punch a police horse.  None of that was confirmed though. 



Cabo Wabo beat High Spirits 25-19

Always Up beat Wild Cards 25-19



Always Up 7-1

High Spirits 5-3

Cabo Wabo 5-3

Wild Card 4-4

Overrated 3-5

Scrambled Legs 3-5

Meteor 1-7

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