Block Party Defeats 500 Miles in the CR C

November 03, 2018

Block Party was the underdog in this Final as 500 Miles beat them readily by 4 and 7 points during pool play.  But the Griffin family and company studied the film and found a way to defeat Tasca and his crew in a thrilling 3 game final, losing the first 23-25, but winning out 25-22 and 15-11.  The Griffins took home the cash money prize (in the form of a venmo, that was actually sent much late in the evening).



Block Party defeated What's Joey doing in a C?  25-18

500 Miles defeated Dream Crushers 25-19




Pool A

What's Joey Doing in a C? 6-2

Dream Crushers 5-3 (playin 15-12 over No Shank)

No Shank November 5-3

Kathy cant read 2-6

I miss the old kanye 2-2


Pool B

500 Miles 7-1

Block Party 6-2

All Night Long 4-4

Booty 3-5

Sports 0-8



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