Congratulations to Dang it Bobby for winning the 3/5 RCO C+

Pool 1
Year of the Tiger 2-6
Dang It Bobby 3-5
Great Name Pending 3-5
Dunder Mifflin Sports 7-1
Let's Bowl for Serve 5-3

Pool 2
National Cheese Doodle Day 2-6
Those Sets Though 1-7
Walruses 4-4
Corgi Butts Make Me Nuts 7-1
Guns and Knuckles 6-2

Walruses defeat Bowl for Serve 25-20
Dang It, Bobby defeat Guns and Knuckles 25-17

Corgi Butts Make Me Nuts defeat Walruses 25-18
Dang It, Bobby defeat Dunder Mifflin Sports 25-23

Dang It Bobby defeat Corgi Butts Make Me Nuts 25-16

Shirts and gift cards to 1st, gift card to 2nd

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