Congratulations to House of Flowers for winning the 3/6 MC- at CFHS

Free Agent Ringers 2-4
Setting Ducks 3-3
House of Flowers 4-2
BLTN 3-3

Free Agent Rockers 4-2
Wyld and Crazy Guys 3-3
Short Kings 1-5
Out of System 4-2

Double Elimination Playoffs

House of Flowers defeats Short Kings 25-19
Out of System defeats Free Agent Ringers 25-18
Free Agent Rockers defeats BLTN 25-22
Sitting Ducks defeats Wyld and Crazy Guys 25-16

Free Agent Rockers defeats House of Flowers 25-12
Out of System defeats Sitting Ducks 25-22

Wyld and Crazy Guys defeat Free Agent Ringers 25-17 - Free Agent Ringers eliminated from playoffs
BLTN defeats Short Kings 25-21 - Short Kings eliminated from playoffs

(At this point all teams have played 8 sets)

BLTN defeat Sitting Ducks 25-14 - Sitting Ducks eliminated with loss
House of Flowers defeats Wyld and Crazy Guys 25-23 - Wyld and Crazy Guys eliminated

BLTN defeat Free Agent Rockers 25-20
House of Flowers defeat Out of System 25-20

(at this point remaining teams have 1 loss each)

House of Flowers defeat BLTN 25-21
Free Agent Rockers defeat Out of System 25-22

House of Flowers defeat Free Agent Rockers 25-22

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