Congratulations to No Diggity winning the 4/10 MC- @ TWS

April 21, 2022

No Diggity 7-1
The Dep Trais 6-2
Booties Not Cooties 6-2
Funky Bunch 5-3

May the Schwartz be with you 4-4
Atk/Def Mode  4-4
Stonehill Skyhawks 1-7
Nerds 1-7

Booties not cooties def the Dep Trais 25-20
No Diggity def Funky Bunch 25-15

No Diggity def. Booties not Cooties 15-25, 25-17, 15-13

1st place: choice of "BSSC Champions" Shirts or cinch saks, BSSC Pom Pom hats or BSSC drifit. 2nd place choice of BSSC drifits or Pom Pom hats


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