Dee’s Team defeats Bananas in the RCO C+ Champs

April 28, 2018

Dee's Balls Ain't Free who lost the first set of the Semi's to the favored new comers, the Evil Kermit's, went on to take the next tow and roll through the finals and win the RCO C+Championship tournament in Nashua this past Satruday.

Tournament MVPS - Fernanda Mendes and Blake Ford



Dee's Balls Ain't Free defeated Bananas in Pajamas 25-18, 25-15



Bananas in Pajamas defeated New Hands who dis? 25-21, 25-16

Dee's Balls Ain't Free defeated Evil Kermits 19-25, 27-25, 15-12



Bananas in Pajamas defeated RIP - The Phatties 25-23

New Hands who dis? defeated Meteor 25-19

Dee's Balls Ain't Free defeated Here Goes Nothing 25-17

Evil Kermits defeated EZ Pass 25-20


Pool A

Bananas in Pajamas 6-2

Here Goes Nothing 6-2

The Nerd Herd 3-5

Loaded Boneless Fries 3-5

NVC Sun Tower 2-6


Pool B

New Hands who dis? 8-0

Evil Kermits 6-2

Team on 3 4-4

Cabo Wabo 2-6

Waffle House 0-8


Pool C

Dee's Balls Ain't Free 7-1

RIP, The Phatties 5-3

Total Chaos 4-4

Black Hole 2-6



Pool D

EZ Pass 7-1

Meteor 5-3

Rainmakers 4-4

#Willdeservesbetter 3-5

HaPpY pEoPLe! 3-5

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