Fireball wins Women’s C at Wheaton

December 11, 2017

Pool A-  VolleyBelles 7-1, Lakamaka 6-2, Dirty Half dozen 4-4, Mass Destruction 2-6, It's in I swear 1-7

Pool B- Tsunami 5-3, Shenanigans 5-3, Fireball 4-4, Bad Knees Bears 4-4, Wilfork on 1st date 2-6

Fireball defeated Bad Knees Bears in play in game 15-4. Fireball went on a roll defeating Lakamaka in quarters 25-20, Tsunami in semis 25-21 and BolleyBelles in Finals 25-13. Dirty half dozen had defeated Shenanigans 25-20 in quarters before falling to VolleyBelles in Semifinals 25-19. 

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