Go get um Tiger brings down Always Up in the RCO C+ 4’s at BCEC

March 02, 2018

Gold Finals

Go Get Um Tiger defeats Always Up

Gold Semis

Always Up defeats Banans in Pajamas

Go Get um Tiger defeats Booty Shorts


Silver Finals

Underachieving Liberos defeats Money Hands Morgan

Silver Semis 

Money Hands Morgan defeats Shenanigans

Under Achieving Liberos defeats Awkward High Fives


Paperclip Finals

Boom Boom Cha Cha defeats Four Loco

Paperclip Semis

Four Loco defeats Meteor

Boom Boom Cha Cha defeats Veteris


Pool 1

Booty Shorts 5-1

Shenanigans 4-2

Awkward High Fives 2-4

Meteor 1-5


Pool 2

Always Up 6-0

Bananas in Pajamas 3-3

Boom Boom Cha Cha 2-4

Four Loco 1-5


Pool 3

Go Get Um Tiger 6-0

Underachieving Liberos 4-2

Money Hands Morgan 2-4

Veteris 0-6


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