It's never too late to plan early! 2018 USA Volleyball Open Nationals will be in Dallas Texas and just announced the 2019 Open Nationals will be held in Columbus Ohio.

L.O.F.T. Takes down Meteor in the RCO C+ Saturday in Clinton!

December 30, 2017

27-25, 25-22 were this finals score to cap a great day on the court.  After going 7-1 in pool, only losing to Boom Boom Cha Cha, L.O.F.T. didn't look back going undeafeated in the Playoffs.

Playin - Meteor defeats Boom Boom Cha Cha 15-11

Semis - Meteor defeats Dime to Kill 25-21,  L.O.F.T. defeats ry guys 25-22


Pool Play

Pool 1

Dime to Kill 6-2 (+2 H to H)

ry guys flying guys 6-2

Bumpin Uglies 5-3

No Ball Drops until Tomorrow 2-6

The Nerd Herd 1-7


Pool 2

L.O.F.T. 7-1

Meteor 5-3

Boom Boom Cha Cha 5-3

Gaurdians of the Court 2-6

Rogue Roosters 1-7


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