L.O.F.T. Takes down Meteor in the RCO C+ Saturday in Clinton!

December 30, 2017

27-25, 25-22 were this finals score to cap a great day on the court.  After going 7-1 in pool, only losing to Boom Boom Cha Cha, L.O.F.T. didn't look back going undeafeated in the Playoffs.

Playin - Meteor defeats Boom Boom Cha Cha 15-11

Semis - Meteor defeats Dime to Kill 25-21,  L.O.F.T. defeats ry guys 25-22


Pool Play

Pool 1

Dime to Kill 6-2 (+2 H to H)

ry guys flying guys 6-2

Bumpin Uglies 5-3

No Ball Drops until Tomorrow 2-6

The Nerd Herd 1-7


Pool 2

L.O.F.T. 7-1

Meteor 5-3

Boom Boom Cha Cha 5-3

Gaurdians of the Court 2-6

Rogue Roosters 1-7


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