Let’s have a Kiki won the 3/6 MC @ MWK

March 13, 2022

Pool A
-_-  5-1
Little giants 4-2
Booties not Cooties 2-4
Just the Tips 1-5

Pool B
Let's Have a Kiki 5-1
Sauce 3-3
One Trick Pony 3-3
I'd Hit that  1-5

1st A) -_- def 4thB) I'd Hit that 25-22, 25-19
2nd B) Sauce def 3rd A) Botties not Cooties 
1st B) Let's have a Kiki def 4th A) Just the Tips 25-20, 25-17
2nd A) Little giants def 3rdB) One Trick Pony 26-24, 25-22

-_- def Sauce 25-17
Let's have a Kiki def Little Giants

Let's have a Kiki def -_-  25-21

1st place got choice of short sleeve "BSSC Champions" shirts or cinch saks or pom pom hats

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