Main Event wins the 11/5 CRC+ at TWK

Pool Home

Main Event 6-2

Moore Lindsey's 1-7

Ooohhh YYYaaa 4-4

Good Vibes Only 4-4

Over on One 5-3


Pool Away

Incredibles 4-4

Snap Crack Pop 4-4

Amanda's Bunion 4-4

Kitten Mittens 3-5

Everyone Can Set 5-3


Play in Game 1: Incredibles defeats Snap Crackle Pop 15-8

Play in Game 2: Amanda's Bunion defeats Incredibles 17-15


Over on One defeated Everyone Can Set 25-22

Main Event defeats Amanda's Bunion 25-15


Main Event defeats Over on One 25-19


1st- $50 GC and tshirts/ 2nd $25 GC

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