Mizuno Boston Volleyball Festival Registration opens 11/1/2018!!

October 30, 2018

Important information about this spring's Mizuno Boston Volleyball Festival!!!

Registration opens November 1 !!!


This year's Mizuno Boston Volleyball Festival will take place February 22-24, 2019 at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center, our 6th year in this venue! If you are new to Yankee and don't know what this is, it is our largest tournament of the year (sharing the facility with a large juniors tournament). We have limited courts for adults at this tournament and we expect it will be sold out quickly.


Tournaments offered

Yankee Volleyball will be offering the following tournaments for adults that weekend:

1. Friday night 6 pm - 10:30 pm -- 12 courts Reverse Coed 4's (Friendship format)

C- (8 teams), C (12 teams), C+ (12 teams), B- (8 teams), B (8 teams)


2. Saturday 8 am start-- 15 courts-- 8 am start Men's and Women's tournaments

Yankee C (10 women’s 5 men’s) , C+(10 women’s, 10 men’s), USAV B (10 women’s, 10 men’s) , BB (5 women’s, 5 men’s), A/AA (5 women’s, 5 men’s)


3. Sunday 8 am start-- 10 courts Reverse Coed tournaments:

C- (5 teams), C (10 teams), C+ (10 teams), B- (10 teams), B (10 teams), B+ (5 teams)



Payment and Team Selection information


We will open registration for the BCEC tournaments on November 1. 


We will accept paypal payments for these tournaments this year as well as checks mailed to our tournament director.

There will be a PAY NOW button on the tournament registration page that you can use to submit an electronic payment (if you do not get in to the tournament it will be refunded).


USAV mapped tournaments

USAV mapped tournaments (M/W B,BB, and A/AA) will be invitational like last year--teams will be selected by a selection committee in mid-January from all paid teams (paid by 1/11) with completed online rosters (by 1/15).


Reverse Coed 4's

Reverse coed 4's teams will be confirmed in order of payment (electronic or postmark date for mailed checks).


All other tournaments

For M/W C/C+ tournaments on Saturday and all coed tournaments on Sunday ALL teams submitting payment by 11/8 (paypal payment date, hand delivered, or postmarked) will be given an equal chance to play in the tournament. On 11/12 teams will be randomly selected from the paid teams until all spots are full.


If a tournament is not full on 11/12 the following policy will be used to confirm teams in payment order for payments after 11/8:

Paypal payments on the same date will be given equal priority (and the same priority as checks postmarked, hand delivered, or sent priority/express mail to the TD on that date). Teams paying electronically will be marked paid but not confirmed until 3 business days have passed, allowing for any checks in the mail to arrive. When more teams pay on the same date than there are spots remaining in the tournament ties will be broken by random selection.


Payments will NOT be transferred between tournaments, so if you want to be considered for multiple tournament levels, send in one check or payment per tournament.

If you are selected for more than one tournament on the same day you will be asked to select which tournament you want to play in. 

Any other spots will be refunded and given to another paid team (i.e. you may not choose to give your spot to another captain or team that did not get selected).


Experienced and new captains and teams be forewarned-- this is a very popular tournament and Yankee volleyball has limited courts available to use. 

Almost all levels end up with more paid teams than there are available spots shortly after registration has opened.


If you hope to get a team into the BCEC tournaments you should absolutely register a team and submit payment early. DON'T WAIT!!! Our cancellation policy allows you to cancel will a full refund up to 21 days before the tournament.

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