Quarter Keg Pub wins the MC+ on 11/20 at MWK

MC+ 11/20 MWK

Pool A

Quarter Keg Pub  6-2

Dreamworks  6-2

EZ Pass  5-3

the Y Bois 3-5

Team Corey!  0-8


Pool B

Float Goats  5-3

Rebelados  5-3 *

Manchester Y Bois  5-3

Yikes  4-4

Undersized  1-7

*Rebelados def Manchester Y Bois 15-11


Pool C

Hamp Dining 6-2

Big Digs Only 5-3

Nothing but Net 4-4

Set Me 4-4

Cabo Wabo 1-7



Rebelados def Big Digs only 25-9

Float Goats def Dream works 25-14


Float Goats def Hamp dining 25-23

Quarter Keg Pub def Rebelados 25-23


Quarter Keg Pub def Float Goats 31-29


1st place - choice of "BSSC Champions" Long sleeve, short sleeve or cinch sak; 2nd plce choice of BSSC drifit or Hat

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