Setting Ducks wins the 15 Team RCO C on 10/30 at MWK

November 04, 2022

Pool A
The Spooky Spiders  6-2 (DQ +5)
Will Spike for Treats 5-3
Creepy Crew 4-4 (won play in 15-12)
Boo!  4-4
this is Halloween 1-7

Pool B
Seechoon  6-2
Dumpster Fire 5-3
Two Bump Chumps 4-4
TTGB 3-5
Real Seechoon aka.... 2-6

Pool C
Seechoon Ripoff  7-1
Setting Ducks 6-2
TBD Seechoon 4-4
Butt Setts 3-5
Fly High 0-8

Creepy Crew def Dumpster Fire 25-15
Setting Ducks def Will spike for Treats 25-14

Creepy Crew def Seechoon ripoff 29-27
Setting Ducks def Seechoon 25-20

Setting Ducks def Creepy Crew 25-12

1st place got choice of BSSC Champions shirt or cinch sak or BSSC drifit
2nd place got choice of BSSC drifit or BSSC hat

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