Tensegrity defeats The Dirty Half Dozen (WC+)

October 08, 2017

Tensegrity defeats the Dirty Half Dozen (25-19) in a grueling final 25 point set to inprove to 10-1 and take first in the Women's C+ accelerated friendship this past sunday.  The tournament ran from 1pm to 6pm with teams playing or working nonstop for 5 hours.  It was 79 degrees and humid which created an interesting playing environment for what should have been a typical cool Octber day. 


Other Results

Tenegrity 10-1

Dirty Half Dozen 6-5

Tipsy 5-5

The 6 Pack 4-6

Boom! 3-5

Volleybelles 1-7


Our First place team received an extra set plus a portion of their tournament fee back.  Second place received an extra set. smile


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