Thank You About That wins the 4/3 RCO C+ at MWK

Pool A
Volleyball Rox  6-2
Pikachu  6-2
Angry Unicorns 4-4 DQ
Panic 4-4
I'm Bad with Names 0-8

Pool B
Outdoor is Almost Back!  8-0
Incredibles 5-3
Is It Summer yet?  4-4
Wicked Squicken  3-5 DQ
Croatia Gorlz  0-8 DQ

Pool C
Happy Birthday Kasey! (and me)  7-1
Seechon 2.0  4-4
Happy Feet  4-4
Mari's Tribe  3-5  DQ
RKT's  2-6

Pool D

Thank you About That  5-3
Big Dig Energy  5-3
Amenico  4-4
Hand Hugs 4-4
Yum Yum Sauce  2-6

1st pool B Outdoor is Almost Back def 2nd Pool C Seechon 2.0  25-16
1st Pool D Thank you About That def 2nd pool A Pikachu 25-15
1st pool C Happy Birthday Kasey! (and me) def 2nd pool D Big Dig Energy 25-16
1st pool A Volley Rox def 2nd pool B Incredibles 25-14 

Thank you About That def Outdoor is Almost Back 25-17
Happy Birthday Kasey! (and me) def Volley Rox 25-20

Thank you About That def Happy Birthday Kasey! (and me)  25-23

1st place - choice of 2 ("BSSC Champions" shirts or cinch saks, BSSC pom pom hats), 2nd place BSSC pom pom hat or drifit

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