Website Updates Complete

November 01, 2017

Yankee is pleased to announce we have completed a list of known bugs and have also added some very cool functionality.  While most of this functionality is for Tournament Directors & Admins on the site, there are some updates for the general user as well. 

While below is not a full list of tweaks to the site we completed, these are some of the more major updates you may notice:

- You can only choose 1 Captain and it's now a required field.  This allows TD's to contact teams.
- After each team registers for tournament, the Captain and TD now receives an email confirmation with links to that tourney.
- You can now register teams on mobile devices and find members.  Before it was saying "no results found" on mobile
- As you select players for a team, we now show "full name - players rating" in the dropdown list
- Updated Team/Player warnings during team signup  
- Team Rating gets calculated now when you add a non-member and then delete that row
- Scramble Tournaments now have an updated signup page to handle single player signups rather than full teams.  You can search "scramble" or "Scramble TD" on the tournament page to find these
- Updates were made for non-members signing up a team so it didn't crash the tourney detail page
- Fields were added for Captains Phone & Email.  On Scramble tourneys, the Desired Position is added also

- Clicking "View Roster" on mobile now opens a modal, however you have to click "view roster" twice due to multiple plugins impacting the flow.  We are working on a solution but you can view rosters at least on mobile
- TD's now have option to add a PayPal button to their tournaments.
- We changed the way Waitlisted Teams are determined and displayed.  There is now a section for "Confirmed Teams", and "Non Confirmed/Waitlist" teams
- TD's & Admins now have a way to contact any or all Captains signed up to their tournaments through a form on the site
- Updated ReRatable and Verify Membership fields and how they are displayed
- TD's can now delete teams from a tournament on frontend
- Fixed the author of news articles to show appropriate author
- TD's can now easily create a Summary Recap of a Tournament and Update/End their tournaments through frontend interface
- When TD's mark teams as Confirmed or Paid, it now emails that Captain informing them
- Updated Print All Rosters, now TD's can only do this

- tourney filters now has a dropdown for "Tournament Directors" so you can filter between all tournaments each TD is running (mainly for TD's)
- Style updates for Cancelled/Ended tourneys so they show up gray
- All tourneys past todays date shows up now in the "Results" page under Tournaments submenu instead of waiting for TD to End that tourney with recaps.

- Fixed a few Internet Explorer specific bugs
- Updated how expiration date/reratable/verified fields gets calculated
- Each profile page now shows 5 of past Teams & Rosters that member has played on, with links to pages that show ALL

- Updated table structure to include a few columns.  There is now a tooltip next to each players name to show the "Comments" they may have added while adding themselves to this list.  
- Users can now delete their entry from these lists through frontend.

- Meeting Minutes widget has "See ALL" button which brings you to Download Forms page and now auto populates that category 


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